Values and responsibility

The commitment of ORGA-LINK is enforced by the trust granted by its customers, either industrials than academics for more than 15 years.

  Our rates are carefully studied in order to offer a quality service meeting your constraints and needs at optimized costs.



  Our structure is independent and autonomous, owner of its premises and responsible for its facilities, free of any pressure to guarantee a long-term work without disturbance.



  The small size of our structure made up of experienced staff allows us to manage your projects in a flexible way.



  We guarantee the confidentiality of your data and we are committed to satisfying your expectations and needs in an efficient, responsive and trustworthy manner. A confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement can be signed quickly so that we can discuss your projects and offer you our services



  The regular follow-up of your project is ensured by a contact person who will listen to you. A weekly report is systematically sent to inform you of the progress of your project. 



  We do not claim any certification, but our work ethic and environmental responsibility make us adopt a responsible approach. Our solvent storage places are without exception on retention tanks and we privilege the less toxic solvents for our manipulators.



  Our installations are in conformity with the norms and regularly inspected in order to guarantee maximum safety conditions for our technical staff.  Our waste is disposed of and reprocessed by a specialized sector



  All ORGA-LINK staff are trained and up-to-date as First Aid at Work