R&D in Organic Synthesis

A project … a need … ORGA-LINK makes real your ideas in Organic chemistry ...

  Founded in 2001, ORGA-LINK is an independent company of fine chemistry which proposes efficient services of Research and Development in Organic Synthesis on the scale of the milligram to a kilogram.


  ORGA-LINK also realizes other services as the analysis, the extraction of natural products and the development of new derivatives.

  ORGA-LINK proposes you a service (department) in organic chemistry based on the quality, the flexibility and the quickness. Non-specialized chemists, we can realize all typical kind of chemistry, from the peptide chemistry to the inorganic chemistry, even if our team is more particularly specialized in the field of the heterocyclic chemistry.

  Various options can be offered to you, contact us and we shall find together the best solution to your enquiries ....