ORGA-LINK : Development

ORGA-LINK is there to make sure you have the material

you need for your research. 

   You have synthesized one or more compounds and you want to obtain a larger quantity for the rest of your work. ORGA-LINK relieves you of this activity and allows you to refocus your teams on new projects.

  ORGA-LINK offers you a service of re-synthesis and extrapolation of your products according to our commitments.


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Two scenarios may arise:


      -or the operating mode is robust and allows you to obtain the desired quantity directly and we follow your instructions. Proposals for improving the protocol may be proposed where appropriate and implemented after consultation and validation.


      -or the operating method is the result of a small-scale synthesis (own operating method or from the literature) and we propose an extrapolation study to allow the scale up to the desired quantity.